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Welcome to the beautiful city of Marseille ( la cite Phoceenne), one of the prettiest places to visit in the world. Marseille is located South of France between Spain and Italia. Marseille is a very old city and the biggest port of Europe, it's sunrended by a lots of rocks, montains, and the Mediteraenne sea, witch gives her  a special charme. It's also very popular for his game called " Petanque ".


   La rade de Marseille                                        Le vieux port
   Le vallon des Auffes
Les Catalans                                                     La Corniche

Calanque de Morgiou

Cassis vu depuis la route des  cretes                  falaise la plus haute d'Europe
Le port de Cassis et ses terraces

Les ruelles de Cassis
Ses callanques                                                 Le cap Canaille

Le port des Goudes                                          Callelongue

 Les callanques des Goudes